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Veterinary Stockfeed

Sceneys supplies a range of quality products to stockfeed and veterinary outlets to ensure that animals are in healthy and peak condition.

Sceneys Omega Plus

Sceneys Omega Plus is a blend of natural oils that gives the correct ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids in the animals` diets. This is essential for optimum health as scientific tests have shown that most diets are low on omega 3s and high on omega 6s which upsets the balance of many organs in the body. Use of Omega Plus restores this balance and allows the organs to function properly. Omega Plus also contains Vitamin A and Vitamin D which helps good bone growth and general health.

Sceneys Hoof Oil

Sceneys Hoof Oil is a blend of natural products designed to keep hooves moisturized and healthy. In the harsh, dry conditions encountered throughout Australia, horses hooves quickly become dry and crack, causing great pain. The ingredients used in Hoof Oil act like a moisturizer which prevents cracking and drying.

Many leading racehorse and trotting trainers use Sceneys Omega Plus and Hoof Oil to keep their horses fit and healthy.

Our complete range of Veterinary & Stockfeed is:

  • Canola Oil (formerly rapeseed oil) provides energy
  • Castor Oil - for cleaning out animals with blockage problems.
  • Cider Vinegar  made from apples, extremely healthy in a variety of ways, especially good from pregnant mares.
  • Cod Liver Oil  Rich in omega 3s, Vitamin A and Vitamin D. Also good for protecting animals from viruses during the colder months.
  • Glycerine  used as sweetener, helps suckling animals.
  • Hoof Oil  hoof moisturizer (see above Hoof Oil).
  • Horse Oil  used for keeping hooves in good condition.
  • Linseed Oil (Raw)  also known as flaxseed oil, provides energy, omega 3s and healthy coats.
  • Maize Oil (Corn Oil)  provides energy and healthy coats.
  • Methylated Spirits (95%)  a cleaning solvent, used on horse coats.
  • Mutton Bird Oil - a rich oily product used to shine coats on show horses.
  • Neatsfoot Oil  used as a leather conditioner for horse equipment.
  • Omega Plus - for maintaining good health (see above Omega Plus).
  • Paraffin Oil - a light, mineral oil for treating horses with colic.
  • Soyabean Oil  a cooler oil for providing extra energy.
  • Sunflower Oil  helps to maintain healthy coats.
  • Stockholm Tar  used on hooves to prevent cracking.

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Our Testimonials

  • I used your oil after Feast Watson, Cabots & Intergrain and I much prefer the finished look of your product over theirs.

    - Donna


  • It’s a fantastic product, the deck has really come up well

    - Adam

    Tallow Wood Deck, QLD

  • It is the best oil that I have found.

    - Matthew


  • I have been using your Timber and Decking Oil as a finish for my raised veggie patch. It is easy to use, makes the veggie patch weather proof and it brings out the shine of the wood.

    - Chu


  • A guy at Bunnings highly recommended your product when I described what I was after, but said they no longer stocked it.

    - David


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