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? What is the difference between Raw Linseed Oil and Boiled Linseed Oil?

Raw linseed oil is a natural drying oil which takes 3-4 days to dry completely. Boiled linseed oil has driers (e.g. terebine) added to make it dry quicker, usually around 18-24 hours. Consequently boiled linseed oil is better for use on furniture.

? Why is my deck tacky?


The problem of tacky decks occurs when the decking oil is applied too thickly. Sceneys timber & decking oil is designed to dry within the pores of the timbers thus providing deeper penetration and better protection. The first coat usually soaks well in and dries normally (within one hour). However as the pores are scaled the second coat cannot penetrate as deeply and will tend to remain on the surface. It it is not spread out thinly the oil will flow to the lowest areas which gives a thicker film. This film dries where it hits the air and dries where it contacts the timber of the deck. However in between it can only slowly dry (polymerise) because air cannot get to it. This makes it tacky. You cannot break the top surface with turps or normal solvents because it has dried hard. It is best to leave the surface to slowly dry. The surface will not be damaged by footprints or dust. These can easily be washed off. Scratches from chairs and tables can be removed by dipping a clean cloth in the decking oil and polishing the scratch marks. They will quickly disappear and dry as normal. Ultraviolet light in normal sunshine will help the tackiness to disappear more quickly. Areas under cover from sunlight will take longer for the tackiness to dry.

If you have a deck that has already been sealed, or has a very dense timber and if you are using a lambswool applicator, it may be best to thin the decking oil with turps to allow it to penetrate deeper and spread further. This will give a thinner coat and allow the surface to dry normally (within an hour).

If you need further information, contact Sceneys and ask for a fact sheet.

? What is Tung oil and how can it be used?

Tung oil is a wood finishing product, designed to provide a tough, water resistant finish to wooden applications. Pure tung oil is considered a drying oil and can be compared to linseed oil, although unlike linseed, tung oil doesn’t darken over time and has a slight golden tint after application. Tung oil can be used on a variety of wooden finishes such as timber decking and fences and is an envi-ronmentally friendly product.

? Is Fence Black an environmentally friendly product?

Yes. Sceneys fence black is made from natural oils with a bitumen additive, ensuring safe an easy application of black paint. This product is truly one of a kind and is suitable for fences of differing materials, shape and size. Fence Black is environmentally friendly, easy to use and offers users a simple and effective painting solution.

? Will Fence Black stop horses from chewing on fences?

Fence black has a bituminous component to provide the black colour. This has a slight odour and taste which will deter most horses from chewing the fence. However, chronic fence chewers may not be affected and continue to chew. One solution is to put creosote oil on the top of the rail or alternatively buy a packet of cayenne pepper from the supermarket and mix it with a small quantity of fence black. Paint this on the top rail of the fence and the offending horse will no longer chew it.

? What is citrus solvent and how can it be used?

Cirus solvent is a fantastic cleaning product that can be used in every area of the home. It is a natural solvent obtained by distilling citrus residues and leaves a clean, fresh citrus smell. The only drawback is that it cannot be used on soft plastics or Perspex.
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  • I used your oil after Feast Watson, Cabots & Intergrain and I much prefer the finished look of your product over theirs.

    - Donna


  • It’s a fantastic product, the deck has really come up well

    - Adam

    Tallow Wood Deck, QLD

  • It is the best oil that I have found.

    - Matthew


  • I have been using your Timber and Decking Oil as a finish for my raised veggie patch. It is easy to use, makes the veggie patch weather proof and it brings out the shine of the wood.

    - Chu


  • A guy at Bunnings highly recommended your product when I described what I was after, but said they no longer stocked it.

    - David


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