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Solvents, Cleaners, Adhesives, Lubricants etc.

Sceneys has a wide range of solvents and cleaners to cover almost every application you can think of.

Our own formulated products include brush restorers (for cleaning hardened brushes), Ezyclean (for cleaning oil-based paints in water clean-up; safe and environmentally friendly), graffiti cleaner and paint removes (a rapid-action paint stripper). We also supply a small range of adhesives and lubricant products to assist around the house.

Solvents & Cleaners:

  • Acetone (adhesive cleaner, nail polish removal)
  • Acrylic Thinners (automotive thinner slow drying)
  • Brush Restorer (cleans hardened brushes and rollers)
  • Citrus Solvent (outstanding natural cleaning agent, leaves fresh citrus odour)
  • Cloudy ammonia (ideal household cleaner)
  • Ezyclean (revolutionary brush and roller cleaner, water clean-up)
  • Graffiti Cleaner (quickly removers graffiti from hard surfaces)
  • Hydrochloric Acid (Spirits of Salts) for cleaning brickwork
  • Isopropyl Alcohol (Isopropanol) superior glass cleaner
  • Kerosene for heating and cleaning
  • Kerosene (Odourless) for lamps
  • Lacquer Thinners  general purpose thinner, suits all applications.
  • Methanol (Wood alcohol) used in fuel for model engines.
  • Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) powerful adhesive cleaner.
  • Methylated Spirits (Ethanol) available in 95% and 100% pure
  • Mineral Turpentine (normal and low-odour)
  • Paint Remover (rapid action paint stripper)
  • Phenyle (Brown) for cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Pure Turpentine (Gum turpentine) natural pine turpentine.
  • Shellite (for cleaning, heating and lighter fluid)
  • Spraying Thinners (Enamel Thinners quick drying)
  • Toluene (aromatic paint thinner)
  • White Spirits (for cleaning waxes and greases, dry-cleaning solvent)
  • Xylene (aromatic paint thinner, used for concrete sealers)

Adhesives, Lubricants etc.

  • Art Cement (Rubber cement) slow-drying adhesive for art work
  • PVA Adhesive (Wood Glue) general purpose adhesive for wood, paper, etc.
  • Household Oil - natural lubricant for hinges, sliding bolts etc.
  • Paraffin Oil - lighter lubricant, ideal for massaging.
  • Castor Oil - heavy duty lubricant, ideal for engineering use.
  • Terebine - Driers for oil-based paints and drying oils (linseed oil, tung oil)
  • Solvents


    Choose from a range of quality solvents including Ezyclean, Citrus Solvent...

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    Veterinary Stockfeed

    Linseed Oil, Omega Plus and Hoof and Horse Oil are just some of the veterinary stockfeed...

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    Timber Finishes

    Choose from a range of quality solvents including Ezyclean, Citrus Solvent...

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Our Testimonials

  • I used your oil after Feast Watson, Cabots & Intergrain and I much prefer the finished look of your product over theirs.

    - Donna


  • It’s a fantastic product, the deck has really come up well

    - Adam

    Tallow Wood Deck, QLD

  • It is the best oil that I have found.

    - Matthew


  • I have been using your Timber and Decking Oil as a finish for my raised veggie patch. It is easy to use, makes the veggie patch weather proof and it brings out the shine of the wood.

    - Chu


  • A guy at Bunnings highly recommended your product when I described what I was after, but said they no longer stocked it.

    - David


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