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About Us

Sceneys was established in 1987 as a small paint and hardware supplier, providing a small range of oil products to leading hardware stores. Today, Sceneys remains an Australian family owned company and offers unique oil based products to wholesalers and retailers. Sceneys is committed to supplying quality oils and solvents and has developed hundreds of products for a variety of applications. These products include fence black, tung oil, citrus solvent, clear decking oil, linseed oil, weatherproof oil and Omega Plus.

Sceneys remains focused on delivering quality products and personalised service. Our technical expertise and product development history enables us to provide an alternative to other oil based products in the marketplace.

Greg Sceney

For most Sceneys customers, Greg Sceney needs no introduction. As the owner and driving force behind the business, Greg is well known as the man with an insightful answer to the most difficult chemically based questions. With an honours degree in science, a PHD in inorganic chemistry and a commerce degree, Greg is well qualified to provide these responses.

In his early career, Greg worked both locally and overseas for chemical giant, Shell. Since purchasing the small company he has developed into Sceneys, Greg has spent the last 20 years growing an organisation that is synonymous for producing quality, environmentally friendly oil based products. These products include the famous fence black, tung oil, citrus solvent and clear decking oil. Greg has also helped Sceneys deliver exceptional customer service and reasonable product prices.

Unique Sceneys Products

Sceneys has developed products that are unique to the brand; available only through leading hardware stores. Wholesalers, retailers and everyday customers can buy castor oil, linseed oil and other oil based products of the Sceneys brand for cleaning, painting or timber applications.


The Ezyclean product is unique to the Sceneys brand and is an outstanding cleaning product that can be used for a variety of applications. Ezyclean is ideal for removing paint from brushes or rollers, washing simply with water. This product removes the need to use mineral turps, saving the environment and your hands.

Timber & Decking Oil

This product was developed in conjunction with Bunnings Warehouse and was designed specifically for the big chain. Sceneys labelled the decking oil and supplied products exclusively to Bunnings Warehouse for a number of years. Now, the Sceneys decking oils and clear decking oils have become recognised for the quality and ease of use, and is available in leading hardware stores across Australia.

Omega Plus

Omega Plus is Sceneys specially formulated blend of natural seed oils and unrefined flax, designed to keep animals in a fit, healthy and pristine condition. Daily consumption of Omega Plus will improve cardiovascular and circulatory systems, smooth muscle activity, increased immune cell function, normal inflammatory response, skin disorders and hormone balance for animals.

Fence Black

Sceneys fence black is made from natural oils with a bitumen additive, ensuring safe an easy application of black paint. This product is truly one of a kind and is suitable for fences of differing materials, shape and size. Fence black is environmentally friendly, easy to use and offers users a simple and effective painting solution.

Why Use Sceneys Products?

Sceneys offers a diverse range of oil based products including fence black , tung oil and clear decking oil. Customers can buy canola oil, linseed oil, veterinary stockfeed, citrus solvent and other products that are unattainable elsewhere.

Sceneys products are more than just your standard paint and hardware products and provide exceptional value for money. Each product has been designed to specifically suit the application, ensuring it works to the highest standard. To find quality Sceneys products visit a leading paint or hardware store today!

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Our Testimonials

  • I used your oil after Feast Watson, Cabots & Intergrain and I much prefer the finished look of your product over theirs.

    - Donna


  • It’s a fantastic product, the deck has really come up well

    - Adam

    Tallow Wood Deck, QLD

  • It is the best oil that I have found.

    - Matthew


  • I have been using your Timber and Decking Oil as a finish for my raised veggie patch. It is easy to use, makes the veggie patch weather proof and it brings out the shine of the wood.

    - Chu


  • A guy at Bunnings highly recommended your product when I described what I was after, but said they no longer stocked it.

    - David


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