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Timber Finishes

Sceneys supplies a variety of quality timber finish products to leading paint & hardware stores throughout Australia.

Weatherproof Oil:

Our oldest and most well-known finish. It is a general purpose product that can be used in all applications around the home. It provides a clear matte finish that enhances the colour and grain of the timber while also protecting the timber against the extremes of harsh Australian weather. Protects the timber against the extremes of harsh Australian weather. In the 2009 Victorian bushfires one of our customers had everything destroyed except for an outdoor furniture setting and wagon seat which she painted with weatherproof oil every three months. This shows that the timber remains moisturised even in the extreme temperatures of the worst bushfires in the history of Victoria.

Timber and Clear Decking Oil:

Developed from weatherproof oil to be more specific for timber deckings. It was released in the spring of 2003 and has proven very popular throughout Australia. Customers prefer a product that is Australian owned and manufactured very few decking oils are. Its ease of application is also a winner with customers. Formulated from a blend of linseed oil that is mould-free and mixed with a hard-wearing natural resin, it is designed to soak deep into the deck to provide protection against harsh Australian weather conditions. Best results come from applying the oil thinly and spreading it out as much as possible. If it applied too thickly it will be tacky in areas (where the oil settles the thickest) and dry more slowly. This is not a problem as the oil is still drying but at a slower rate (see frequently asked questions for a more thorough explanation). Re-applying the oil is extremely simple give the deck a quick clean and, when dry, apply one quick thin coat of oil to bring back the colour and grain. Sceneys timber & decking oil can be tinted with normal paint tints to add more colour and beauty to tired and weathered decks.

Fence Black:

A new product that was developed in 2008 to become a more environmentally friendly alternative to creosote oil (see below). It has now become a successful product in its own right, adorning many a horse property in Victoria. Fence black soaks deep into the timber and is ideal for post and rail fences. It stops moisture from penetrating and damaging timber and eliminates drying, cracking and warping. It is ideal for the harsh weather conditions encountered throughout country Australia. Made from a majority of environmentally friendly products it is far safer and easier to use than creosote oil.

Interior Oil:

A quick-drying oil that is suitable for all interior applications. It highlights the natural colour and grain of timber by soaking deep into the timber. It is the Australian equivalent of Danish oil, Scandinavian oil and teak oil. The natural finish is a matte, however by building up in thin coats a satin finish can be achieved. Suitable for bookshelves, drawers, tables and chairs, dressers, ceiling beams, paneling, window frames etc.

Linseed Oil:

Linseed oils are known as drying oils. They are long-chain fatty acids that have double bonds which break and cross-link during the drying process. This enables it to form a strong film within the pores and on the surface of timber. It has been a traditional wood finish for many hundreds of years. Today linseed oil comes in many forms, the most common being Raw linseed oil and Boiled linseed oil. The difference between the two is that boiled linseed oil has driers added which speeds up the drying process. Consequently it is better to use boiled linseed oil for furniture or applications in which quicker drying is required. Raw linseed oil is used on willow cricket bats to prevent cracking of the face and water ingress at the toe of the bat.

Tung Oil:

Also known as China wood oil, it is an old traditional drying oil that has greater cross-linking than linseed oil, hence is used to obtain harder finishes with more gloss (through repeated application of thin coatings with polishing or buffing). It is the preferred finish for the woodturning industry. Pure tung oil is thicker than linseed oil and has a higher wax content. To thin the oil several solvents can be used. Citrus solvent is preferred by wood turners however flooring applications should use white spirits which dissolves the waxes better and allows them to penetrate deeper into the floorboards. Care should be taken when buying tung oil as many products are mixed with polyurethanes or estapols to provide surface coatings that are hard and glossy. At Sceneys we only supply pure, unadulterated tung oil.

Creosote Oil:

Creosote oil is made as a by-product of coking coal production (coking coal is vital in the production of steel). It contains many nasty chemicals some of which are thought to cause cancer. In spite of this it has been used for centuries to protect and preserve wood from decay and rotting. It is also useful for deterring white ants. In 2008 creosote was re-classified from a schedule 6 poison to a schedule 7 poison which meant it could no longer be sold for domestic or garden use. It can only be used for industrial or farming purposes. Consequently at Sceneys we only provide the Creosote Oil in industrial size 20 Litre drums.

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Our Testimonials

  • I used your oil after Feast Watson, Cabots & Intergrain and I much prefer the finished look of your product over theirs.

    - Donna


  • It’s a fantastic product, the deck has really come up well

    - Adam

    Tallow Wood Deck, QLD

  • It is the best oil that I have found.

    - Matthew


  • I have been using your Timber and Decking Oil as a finish for my raised veggie patch. It is easy to use, makes the veggie patch weather proof and it brings out the shine of the wood.

    - Chu


  • A guy at Bunnings highly recommended your product when I described what I was after, but said they no longer stocked it.

    - David


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