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Sceneys Chemicals

From 1987 when the company was formed we have constantly developed new products such as Ezyclean, a revolutionary brush cleaner, timber and clear decking oil, a product developed for harsh Australian conditions and fence black, creosote oil and other weatherproof oils which are ideal for prolonging the life of timber fences and animal yards. We also source and supply hard to find products such as pure tung oil, a traditional timber finish, and citrus solvent, a natural cleaning product made from distilling citrus residues. Another side to our business is selling animal health products to veterinary and stockfeed outlets.

Again we have developed our own unique products such as Omega Plus, an oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids and hoof oil, for maintaining good health in horse's hooves. We also sell the hard-to-find mutton bird oil which brings a gloss to the coats of show horses.

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